System hardening leads to CVE-2015-3341 and fun with DTrace

Here at FreeAgent, security is a never-ending project. We are never finished, and we are always looking for ways to harden our platform, ensuring data is kept safe. Security should not be taken for granted – it is not just about technical mitigations or fancy enterprise firewalls, equally important is developing the right set of processes and... (read more)

React Europe 2015

We love React here at FreeAgent. Our team has been using it heavily to build the mobile app, with very few issues. Because it’s so easy to use and helps with maintenance of complex UIs, we’ve also started migrating parts of the desktop app to it, such as inline bank explanations.

At the be... (read more)

Hack Days Feb 2015

We’ve been running Hack Days at FreeAgent for a few years now. Twice a year everyone in the company takes a two-day break from their normal work, small project teams are formed and magic happens. Yesterday afternoon, after two days of hard work, the team got together and watched 21 (!) demos. That’s far too many to write about in detail, so h... (read more)