About James

James spends his time at FreeAgent reading, writing and occasionally deleting code. He finds joy in helping people, so making the lives of small businesses easier is right up his alley. You can find him frantically amplifying other voices over at @sarcainian.

Many timezones, one team - how do you stand up?

We like to keep our product teams small. A mixture of designers, engineers and product people working together to add new features and make improvements to different areas of the app. To help keep each team together, we operate with a morning stand up each day, which is designed to help keep everyone up to date. I’m not going to try to sell you on stand ups - if you haven’t heard of them, or are having difficulty in finding them useful, Jason Yip’s classic paper is a great place to start. Instead, I’d like to write about operating stand ups across multiple timezones. (read more)