Ruby 2.5: The Christmas Present

Let’s talk a wee bit about Ruby 2.5. This starts a week of looking at upcoming features in the language.

Here at FreeAgent Towers, we use a lot of Ruby. The application itself is written in Rails, and our website is static HTML, CSS and JS, but is generated with Middleman. We love it, and so we follow its development closely. One of the exciting points in the Ruby year is the annual release of the next new version of CRuby (formerly MRI). This release has traditionally been around Christmas, and this year is scheduled for Christmas day!

We thought you might be interested in learning about what’s coming down the line, so you know what to look for when you pick up the new version. So over the next few days, we’ll put out a series of small posts, each highlighting one feature from Ruby 2.5.

To get you started, did you know that Ruby 2.5-head is currently around 10% faster than Ruby 2.4.1, and so 165% faster than Ruby 2.0? These are benchmarks so you’ll see different results in production, but those are some impressive improvements.

Until tomorrow!

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