Working from Home: The desks of FreeAgent Engineering

Posted by on May 18, 2020

A view from our office

FreeAgent has always been a remote friendly company. When the co-founders started building the company over a decade ago, they were in different parts of the UK. In ordinary times, roughly half of our Engineering team is remote and everyone else works from our lovely, though currently empty, office in Edinburgh.

Four years ago we posted a handful of pictures of people’s engineering desks, and as the company has grown substantially and everyone is currently working from home, we thought it was time for a wee update.

James home desk setup
James / Support Engineering
Matt Home Desk setup
Matt / Tax Engineering
Patrick's home desk
Patrick / Accounting Group
Kevin's home desk
Kevin / Tax Engineering
Colin's home desk
Colin / Workflow
Simon / Tax Engineering
Simon's "desk" working at a table in an empty park
Simon / Tax Engineering (before the lockdown edition)
Iain's home desk
Iain / Radar
Thiago's home desk
Thiago / Workflow
Olly's home desk
Olly / CTO
Mag's home desk
Mags / Corporate IT
Anup's home desk, with an iPad set up for a 5 year old, along with books for younger readers
Anup / Mobile and 5 Year Old co-worker / School
Hamish' home desk
Hamish / Corporate IT
David's home desk
David / Banking
Nathan's home desk
Nathan / Ops
Stus home desk
Stu / UI Engineering
Diogo's home desk
Diogo / Practices
Ioan's home desk, with 3 flexible screens - iPad, monitor, laptop.
Ioan / Mobile
Anda's desk
Anda / Website
Diego's desk
Diego / Corporate IT
Steve's home desk
Steve / Ops
John / Platform Engineering
Three images of Matt's home desk setup, including a standing desk.
Matt / Architecture Group
3 images of the same mechanical keyboard
Matt / Architecture Group (full mechanical keyboard)
Dave's home desk
Dave / Workflow
Scott's home desk
Scott / Ops

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