Hack Week 2.0

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Back in January our design and engineering teams took part in our first ever Hack Week and it was a resounding success.

A fair few of the Hack Week projects have made their way into FreeAgent in one form or another and some, like App-wide Search, will be coming your way soon. To me, what this shows is that by giving a development team the freedom to hack on whatever they want, you can inspire real creativity and achieve remarkable results. We’d be crazy not to explore his further, so without further ado we’re kicking off Hack Week 2.0 this morning!

We had 12 people taking part in January. This time, fresh from the Olympics with a gold medal spirit, we’re upping the ante with Team FA which is now a mighty 24-strong.

There are a wide range of ideas floating around: command line tools for improving our day-to-day dev workflow, 2-factor authentication, an API client, new metrics dashboads, a mobile app and even a personal version of FreeAgent. These are ambitious goals and success is not guaranteed or required. What is guaranteed is that we’ll have a lot of fun, the odd party and see some amazing work produced over the next five days.

On your marks, get set, HACK.

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