Friday Link Party – 21st Oct 2011

Posted by on October 21, 2011

What we’ve been Instapapering this week:

  • We do a lot of testing at FreeAgent, for good reason. We also do peer reviews of code so Why code review beats testing: evidence
    from decades of programming research
    was an encouraging read.
  • Robert X Cringely’s column is always worth reading. Recently he wrote about The Second Coming of Java, in which he asks if database servers switch to SSDs and disk I/O
    latency is a thing of the past, whether the better performance of Java over Ruby (or other interpreted languages such as Python) will result in a mass movement back to Java. What do you think?
  • The new draft RFC for new HTTP status codes is interesting, with new codes for rate limiting and conditional requests.
  • FogCreek released a new web app called Trello recently. It’s a project collaboration tool and we’ve started using it at FreeAgent for managing our QA pipeline to great effect.
  • Anyone planning to go to Railsberry next year?

Adios amigos!

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