About Cédric

Cédric is a Software Developer at FreeAgent. He loves to write tests before the code but when he doesn't, he likes to rewrite the Git history to make it happen.

You can follow Cédric spreading the word around Security among other stuff on Twitter at @cfabianski From time to time, he writes something _interesting_ on his personal Blog at Thoughts Out.

Many timezones, one team - How do WE stand up?

Following the post Many timezones, one team - how do you stand up?, we received quite a bit of feedback and interesting ideas. Thanks for that! Today, we’d like to share our experience of how we addressed this particular issue, and how it’s working for us so far. This isn’t far from some of the feedback we got.


We created a separate Slack channel to Stand Up / Down and it’s working great so far. We reduced the time spent to Stand Up while sharing more with the team and keeping track of it. It also reduced the cost of being interrupted. (read more)