Atlas Probes

Last Monday evening we received this tweet:

Naturally we take anything like this seriously so we started digging. First stop was New Relic which shows us average application and browser response times as well as a whole host of other useful metrics. Everthing looked normal. OK, time to hit the logs in search of any long running requests. (read more)

Going Underground

Back in the hazy days of last summer we kicked off a project to improve the infrastructure behind FreeAgent, to prepare ourselves for an order of magnitude (or two) of very high growth in the coming years, as well as greatly bolstering our DR capablility. Deciding on a hosting strat... (read more)

Bunking off

Bunker data

The FreeAgent Ops team head off on a two-day road trip this morning as we start the initial phase of our plan to build a new home for FreeAgent, the app.

Since the company was initially founded we have hosted FreeAgent with Rack... (read more)