Hack Week 2.0 round-up

Wow, what a absolute blast. Hack Week 2.0 has now been and gone, we’ve had a weekend to relax and this week we can take the time to look back and reflect on what we achieved. We had just over four days to get our projects polished (Friday afternoon was set aside for demoing our work to the company) so it was a challenge, but one everyone on t... (read more)

Hack Week round up

Hack Week has been and gone and I’ve finally got around to collating feedback from the team. To give you better insight into what everyone worked on, and the outcome of their efforts, each team has written about the projects they took on and what they achieved. (read more)

Hack Week update

We’re two days into our first Hack Week and we’re already seeing good progress.

Testing is a common theme being worked on by two teams. The FreeAgent code base is fairly large and is complemented by an even larger automated test suite, containing unit, functional and integration test... (read more)

Hack Week [initial commit]

Starting today we’re going to be trying something a little different in our development team. For the entire week our project schedules are being put on ice while all our engineers and designers (12 of them) are being left to their own devices to hack on whatever they want, so long as it’s FreeAgent-related.

(read more)

On the road

Hello and welcome to the all-new FreeAgent engineering team blog!

A lot of work goes on behind the curtain at FreeAgent and we’ve kept rather quiet about this ever since we launched the first iteration of our app (18th September 2007, if you were wondering). This isn’t because we’re unwilling to reveal our secret special sauce (still classified, sorry), more because there has always been such an ever-growing mountain of work we really wanted to do, anything else has taken a backseat. (read more)