Remote Desks (Revisited!)

Back in 2015 we joined in with an internet custom by posting pictures of our desks in all their glorious variety.

Now that it’s 2018, National Work from Home Day and a few years since that post, a followup is in order. Some folks have moved, others have joined and we don’t often get to look at one another’s desks—usually we get to see what’s behind them on video calls! So we’ve all dutifully straightened our keyboards, tidied away the lunchtime crockery and snapped some pictures of our desks at home. Enjoy! (read more)

Engineering Desks

It’s become somewhat of a custom around the internet to post pictures of your desks, especially when you’re not all sat in the same office. I know I certainly enjoy looking at other people’s desks & environments, so without further ado, here’s our desks & views from around FreeAgent. (read more)